Sometimes known as Tulipwood, Yellow Poplar is common to eastern USA.
A versatile timber which cuts and machines easily with little movement or degrade.
The mild even texture of this timber gives excellent paint finishing qualities.

Specification – Available in square edged boards, 26,32,38,52,65,75 and 100mm. thicknesses, kiln dried.
Colour – Pale yellow, sometimes with green or purple streaks, making it a difficult timber to colour match.
Typical uses – Interior joinery, cabinet making and light construction work.
Durability – Non durable hardwood.
Summary – A general purpose, reasonably priced timber for internal use.

This hardwood originates principally from West Africa.
Sapele machines well with hand and machine tools although variations in grain character can effect
the final finishing properties.

Specification - Available in square edged boards, 26,32,38,52,65,78 and 100mm. thicknesses, kiln dried.
Colour - Reddish brown.
Typical uses - Construction framing such as staircases,doors and frames, furniture and cabinets.
Durability - Durable hardwood.
Summary - Good all purpose, quality hardwood.

Cedar originates from the Middle East. Specimem park grown trees have been grown in the UK and Europe
for considerable time and this is where the majority of the logs are sourced from today.

Specification - Available in waney or square one edge log boards. 27,34,40,52 and 65mm. thicknesses, kiln dried.
Colour - Soft warm brown colour.
Typical uses - Principally used in cabinet making, mainly for drawer sides and cabinet backs. Valued for its characteristic fragrance.
Durability - Durable hardwood.
Summary - Suitable for lightweight joinery and cabinet making.
The characteristic knot feature of UK grown logs can restrict its suitability for some applications.

Widely distributed throughout Africa but principally West Africa.
A strong durable timber which has a superficial resemblance to Teak.
Machines well but can have a significant blunting effect on cutters.

Specification - Available in square edged boards. 26,32,38,52,65,78 and100mm. thicknesses. kiln dried.
Colour - Medium golden brown.
Typical uses - Interior and exterior general joinery, garden furniture and gates.
Durability - Very durable hardwood.
Summary - Natural oils make this an excellent timber for external use.

Widely distributed throughout Eastern America.
Dries slowly with a tendency for some checking to occur during seasoning, medium movement in service.
Working qualities can vary considerably depending on the rate of growth. Oak from the southern states tends
to have a faster growth rate resulting in harder, tougher timber.

Specification - Available in sawn square edged boards. 26,32,38,52,65,and 75mm. thicknesses, kiln dried.
Colour - Pale yellow brown to a biscuit colour.
Typical uses - Suitable for furniture and cabinet making.
Durability - Classed as moderately durable but not recommended for external applications.
Summary - A versatile joinery hardwood primarily used for internal applications.
Thicker sizes need using with care and it may be wise to consider laminating from thinner boards.

Widely distributed throughout North America.
Useful timber for internal joinery and cabinet making, dries rapidly with minimal degrade and small movement in service.
Works well with both hand and machine tools.

Specification - Available in square edged boards, 26,32,38,52,65,75 and 100mm.thicknesses, kiln dried
Colour - Pale yellow
Typical uses - Internal joinery and cabinet making.
Durability - Non-durable
Summary - The distinctive grain feature of this timber make it an attractive hardwood for furniture and cabinet making.

One of the most important and well known hardwoods found throughout Europe.
Variable in character due to its fluctuating growth pattern, quarter sawn surfaces contain the distinctive silver grain figure.

Specification - Available in both square edged and waney edged log boards, the log boards provide a greater degree of colour match.
27,32,40,52,65,80 and100mm.thicknesses, kiln or air dried
Colour - Light brown biscuit colour.
Typical uses - A strong durable timber which has a wide range of applications, furniture,high class joinery and constructional uses.
Durability - Durable hardwood.
Summary - A very versatile quality hardwood.
European oak is also available in prepared sections for flooring and cladding.
Fresh sawn beams are available in a range of sizes.

Distributed throughout West Africa, the principal source being the Ivory Coast.
The timber is generally mild giving good machining and finishing qualities,
Stable in service, can be susceptible to colour and weight variations.

Specification - Available in square edged boards, 26,32,38,52,65,75 and 100mm. thicknesses, kiln dried.
Colour - Pale yellow to light brown.
Typical uses - Internal and external joinery.
Durability - Durable hardwood.
Summary - A general purpose timber.
Light colour makes it a useful timber for staining to resemble other species.

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